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DJs! Séances! Suicide monologues! Hundreds and hundreds of kung fu novels! The Camel & the Eye of the Needle is an ongoing, online organic novel. It’s released in installments, published on an as-written basis. In this way, the book unfolds at roughly the same pace to the audience as it does to the author. (Though I’m a few steps ahead of you, trust me.)

The narrative revolves around three related, though not necessarily intersecting, stories. In any given installment, you could be reading just one of them or a combination of several. If you choose to start at the beginning (and that’s up to you, really), you’ll be prompted to select which story you want to read first. Where you go from there—we’ll leave that to you.

That is to say: this is not your linear point-A-to-point-B novel. What the current platform you have in your hands allows for—encourages, even—is a high degree of audience-directed remixing. As the reader, you get to selectively read the stories you’re most drawn to, in the order you so desire. The site is designed to allow you control to skip around, dive into different stories, follow different narratives, and return to them at will. There are also stories within stories—side quests, if you will—that seek to augment or flesh out the backgrounds of certain characters—which, it turns out, are completely optional (but possibly enriching?) extensions of the narrative. You’re the reader, after all. You should read it the way you want to.

For more about how the novel is structured, we here behind the scenes suggest you read The Rules to learn about how you can remix the text. Otherwise, read it from the beginning, in the original order it’s occurred to the author. If you just want a taste, jump in at any of the previous installments below.


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