Thomas Denis Gibney







The Pure Lucid Abridged Critical Anthology of Contemporary Young Poets (2010)

Employing dilettantish knowledge and desultory methodology, iconoclastic editor O. Archibald Krishnamurti—founder of web-based micropress Pure Lucid Books—takes the unsuspecting reader on a carnivalesque tour of the global poetry scene, as showcased through the writings of thirty-seven poets under the age of twenty-five. Read

Pass / Times (2009)

Part love poem to a city, part defamation of a public artifact: these are just a few ways to pass the time. Read

Trapeze (2009)

Hemispheric leaps in setting guide the poems in this book, marked by an acrobatic quality to the words. Read

The Book of Psalms (2008)

An experiment in writing to music. Read

Poems You Read Out Loud (2008)

Read the full chapbook at Scantily Clad Press.

Miscellany, Media, & Erratica (Ongoing)

Images, past book covers, a pretty enormous gallery of rejection letters

Sounds + Textures + Spoken Word    not finished yet - but on its way

A review of Tomaž Šalamun’s 2008 book, Woods and Chalices

Probably will get some video up eventually    and wrangle my brother into editing it

Some juvenilia from older manuscripts—worth keeping? You tell me.